Education & Outreach

What more can we learn about living sustainably?  

Community Outreach & Education

MSHub believes that education and community outreach are the underpinnings of successful campaigns. Success begins when the community learns about a topic whether it be renewable energy, community power, or electric vehicle transition and the roles each play in successful climate action.

To help educate our regional community we hold presentations and workshops as well as welcome student internships from local universities and colleges to learn while working on our existing campaigns. Learn more about each of our initiatives below.


Climate Solutions Workshops

Most of us, along with the vast majority of world scientists know that the climate is threatened by greenhouse gases put into the air by human activity. We know there are a lot of potential actions that might be taken to counteract this threat. 

But how do we choose the most effective things we can do?  Is there an easy way to know  which actions for limiting greenhouse gases would have the most effect on future global temperatures?

The Climate Solutions Workshop organized by the Monadnock Sustainability Hub is designed to provide some of those answers. In an interactive format, participants select climate actions such as energy efficiency, carbon pricing, renewables, reducing deforestation, and carbon dioxide removal.  Using the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator tool, the effects of these actions on global temperature and other factors are explored first hand. 

En-ROADS was developed by scientists from Climate Interactive, Ventana Systems, and MIT Sloan using a vast array of of climate and energy models. Try out the En-ROADS simulator here. 

If you would like the MSHub to conduct an EN-ROADS workshop for your community or organization—or would like to be notified as workshops are held—please contact us to learn more.

Leading the Way on Clean Energy at Radically Rural

Leading the Clean Energy Track at Radically Rural

Since 2019 MSHub has participated in Radically Rural, bringing Renewable and Clean Energy conversations to this important event centered on energizing rural communties to thrive. We look forward to continuing our participation and conversations around climate action can produce rural sustainability and resilience.

Radically Rural 2020

MSHub is excited to bring together experts from around the country for three sessions. Check out our great speakers and sessions at

Clean Energy at Radically Rural.

Ask MSHub to Partner or Lead Presentations

MSHub Presents on Various Topics To Educate Our Region

The Hub welcomes the opportunity to partner or lead presentations to groups such as incoming state representatives, local town selectmen, city councilmen, business associations and the general public.

Presentations MSHub Has Led

We have participated or led regional presentations to further knowledge about;

  1. En-Roads Climate Simulator – with three ambassadors MSHub has the expertise to deliver presentations to a diverse array of groups. To learn more Contact Us.
  2. State legislation targeting renewable energy and climate action
  3. Ready for 100% Renewable Energy Campaigns
  4. Intern related research to city or town selectmen and the general community
  5. Networking with like-minded groups to create connections
  6. Solarize Educational Campaign outreach kickoff, lunches and evening educational events

If you would like to learn more reach out to MSHub.

MSHub Holds Workshops to Educate our Region

MSHub Holds Workshops on Various Topics to Educate our Region

Workshops allow for a deeper dive into issues than presentations and MSHub is happy to dig into issues with others.

Want to Partner or have MSHub lead a Workshop?

MSHub has partnered or led events such as

  1. Legislative Session Climate Action Workshop for Monadnock Region state legislators in partnership with CCL.
  2. Leading En-Road Climate Simulator Workshops in the Region to address impact of climate solutions on our future.
  3. Participated in regional and statewide workshops raising awareness about the Monadnock Region.

Contact Us today to help plan an event. We want to partner with you!

Internships at MSHub

Internships at MSHub work for Us and the Students

MSHub collaborates with local colleges and universities to bring on undergraduates and graduate students in internships with varying length and project goals. The intent of all our internships is for the students to gain valuable experience and knowledge that they can directly apply to their future careers. Read about such an internship experience in our Blog.

We Collaborate with Local Colleges and Universities

MSHub has collaborated with Antioch University of New England, Franklin Pierce University, and Keene State College. To learn more about our internship possibilities Contact Us.

Blog: Radically Rural