Monadnock Sustainability Network (MSN) + Monadnock Energy Hub (MEH) = Monadnock Sustainability Hub (MSHub)

In early 2018, a group of interested residents formed the Monadnock Energy Hub as a means to take effective action to lower the region’s carbon footprint. The Hub became an initiative of the Monadnock Sustainability Network, an existing nonprofit with a mission closely aligned with the Hub’s vision. In collaboration with Clean Energy New Hampshire’s Henry Herndon, Director of Local Energy Solutions, the steering committee drives the direction of the Hub’s work. In July 2018, a program coordinator was hired to manage programs, spur initiatives, connect with the community, and support the volunteers.

Over the past couple of years, the Hub has grown, put on successful programs and led initiatives in the region.  The Hub put on the region’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) Ride and Drive Celebrations showcasing local EVs, invited local representatives for a Climate and Renewable Energy Review before the legislative session opened last year, and put on a successful Solarize Monadnock 2019 in five towns to offset over 350,000 lbs of CO2. However, the need for more board members to handle the increased workload under the Monadnock Sustainability Network means that the time has come to merge the initiative with the nonprofit and use the strength of the Hub’s community and successes, and the power of the Network to further a unified mission.  Some members of the Hub steering committee will assume roles as board members and the resulting organization renamed the Monadnock Sustainability Hub.

The Hub has partnered with local groups and businesses such as community energy teams, the Sierra Club and the Monadnock Food Co-op. The Network has a long history of collaboration in the region with the Co-op, Cheshire County Conservation District,  Hannah Grimes Center and local schools and businesses. Now that we are one, we’re expanding our projects, education and outreach.

The new Monadnock Sustainability Hub collaborates with individuals, organizations, and businesses on climate actions and initiatives that strengthen the sustainability and resilience of our region. And that means we want to hear from all climate, energy and sustainability organizations about what is happening in our region and how we can amplify the messages to our members and beyond.

Be an ally, let’s partner and share communications, support efforts and amplify messages together. Become a member and support our work in the region. We can do this together. Learn more at