Lightyear One EV unveils on June 25th

Wanted an electric vehicle that only needs a few charges for over a 1000 miles of travel? That is what Lightyear One is promising! Check out the website at The glimpses of the car on the site look sleek – but make sure to check back on June 25th when they unveil their car of the future with solar panels and EV charging ports.

Do they have the right mix to overcome driver anxiety? Will this be the model to come? The Prius had panels years ago – but it didn’t seem to be a strong selling point – was Toyota just too soon – or were the panels on the wrong car – a hybrid and not a pure EV?

We will learn as the Lightyear One comes out – but we must also look at the price point and availability. Who knows when the car will make it to the states. But – it is exciting to extend the range of the car without a larger battery system.