Fenton Family Dealership joins the Fast Charge Monadnock Crowd-funding

The Fenton Family Dealership donated $1,000 to the Fast Charge Monadnock Crowdfunding Campaign to install the first EV fast charger at the Monadnock Food Co-op during its scheduled expansion in 2020.

Fast Charge Monadnock (FCM) is an initiative of the Monadnock Energy Hub to bring fast charging for fully electric vehicles to the region. Presently, electric vehicles, or EVs, would require four to six hours to charge using local public chargers. With an EV fast charger, charge time would be reduced to under an hour. This initiative would promote the purchase of EVs in our region as well as attract EV tourism.

The Monadnock Energy Hub will use the funds as a match to attract Volkswagen settlement funding.