Fast Charge Monadnock (FCM) What’s Happening Update: Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Station (DCFC) at the Monadnock Food Coop

The statewide Request For Proposal (RFP) responses collected in January 2020 did not meet minimum criteria from the proposal and were rejected by the governor’s Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) and the Department of Environmental (DES) Services. This was a disappointment as it has set back the start of construction on the project BUT the second round of proposals is in the works.


In early March OSI and DES held a public session and opened a Request For Information (RFI) period to seek guidance on a second RRP for the DCFC charging stations. The RFI period is now closed. OSI and DES are working to shape a new RFP that will enable successful responses and allow the construction of charging stations in the state.


Now, we must wait to see how the RFP has changed and how the Coop can best position itself to receive state funding. All funds collected have been secured for FCM only and will be made available to the Coop for matching funds as required by the state. It is possible we will need to appeal for additional matching funds depending on the RFP.


Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to spreading the news about a charging station at the Coop but are keenly aware of the recent crisis and how it might affect the movement of this project at many stages.


Monadnock Sustainability Hub & Fast Charge Monadnock thanks the community for all its support and look forward to a successful conclusion to this process with a charging station at the Coop that will help this region attract EV tourism and support the local clean transportation transition.